“DAT MLNN THO” is an online photography project that I have been working on for the past two years that captures my journey in discovering the diverse and unique beauty of Black women. The phrase, “That Melanin Though” is a phrase that is used widely within the black community as a sign of appreciation and honor for brown skin. I chose to title the project in this way to reference social media and black pop culture, while also staying true to the slang that I grew up speaking and hearing.

This collection of photographs encourages viewers to see the beauty and essence of the Black woman. The black and white images and solid color clothing emphasize the darkness of skin as a mark of beauty, power and character. The images tell a story without words, highlighting the authenticity of Black female identities.

Through photography, I observe how the women carry themselves. I see strength in spite of struggle, I see potential, and most importantly, I see myself.