Savannah Williams

Ethnic Background: African-American

“What do you love about your beauty now that you didn’t love when you were younger?”

Savannah: I thought my skin was too dark, my lips were too big and my brown eyes weren’t cool enough. As an adult, I truly love the way my skin glows, especially when I wear bright colors. I love wearing red lipstick because I want people to see my full lips and I love my red undertone. Also, brown eyes ARE cool, I love my eyes!

“What is this project’s important to you?”

Savannah: I think this project is very important to me because it's a reminder to Black women that our natural beauty is appreciated. I often times find myself getting more compliments when my hair is straighter, or my pictures look a little lighter, or my nose a little slimmer. This project celebrates Black women in our glory, and I think it has the ability to help others recognize and appreciate this too!